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The "Groten" (Low German for pennies) was used as payment in Bremen and Oldenburg over 400 years - even until after the founding of the German Empire in 1871.
About 300 people in total live in the Schnoor district. This number has not changed significantly over the decades. A long time most people lived in the road Schnoor. Meanwhile, however, the largest share of the population lives in the parallel road Kolpingstraße.

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In 2009 there was an investigation about the restaurants in the Schnoor. 20 operating locations were examined and interviewed. Meanwhile a lot has changed, a current list can be found here soon. Schnoor at Night

A view into the street Am Landherrnamt, 16. September 2011
at 10:22 p.m.
Since 15 May 2012 the Irish Pub, Stavendamm 17, has opened again ...

and is firming now as "Little Mary's"
One of the oldest houses in Bremen is Schnoor No. 15, built in the year 1402, but changed in the following centuries ...Who knows anything about this house?
A view into the street Schnoor, 21. January 2012
at 6:17 p.m.

In the year 2009 archaeological excavations took place in the house Stavendamm 15: The wall of the banks of the river Klosterbalge, a tributary of the Balge, which was originally the main river of Bremen in the Middle Ages, was discovered in the rear portion of the property. The Balge has developed into a small tributary of the recent Weser river and was filled in 1837.

Picture taken on 17.02.2009
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