The Museum of the World

was developed since 2005, based on a scientific documentation of the private collection of the
"Schifferhaus im Schnoor" and different private libraries.

The internet shop on eBay was opened at 29 November 2005 and was renamed nine months later to „Shipper's House in Bremen“. Strating from June 2006 until April 2014 the numbers of visitors in this internet shop were systematically stored and analysed. From a pure statistic view there were about 1260 visitors in a month.
Since 2 March 2014 the branch is named „Museum of the World“ and moved into the rooms of the former association „Stadtteil-Archiv Bremen-Neustadt“, Meyerstraße 17, 28201 Bremen. It is financed by dealing with books and antiques. Presentations of the museums will be published here.
Following people have contributed:

Ilse Hofmann †, teacher for agriculture, Leer/Ostfriesland

Willi Daniel †, sea captain, Bremerhaven

Wolfgang Hellmuth †, civil engineer, Leer/Ostfriesland

Georg Schäfer, merchant, Bremen

Karl-Heinz Hampe, civil engineer, Hannover

Christa Schröter †, officer for telecommunication, Leer/Ostfriesland
Presentations ... coming soon.

Translated from German 26.05.2014, last update 27.07.2016